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Lina Bodestad, a woman with short brown hair, wearing a blue shirt and sunglasses.

Hey! I'm Lina.

I’m a user insights psychologist.


And you’re...let me guess...looking for someone to help you uncover your users’ best-kept secrets and hidden needs?


And then tell you all about them as actionable insights?


Well, look no further. I’m right here for ya.

Meet my most important stakeholder.

This is my daughter Ilin.

My mission in life is to contribute to a world that is kind, accessible, and inclusive. In the digital realm, and in the flesh world.

For her. And for all of us.

Glad we got that straightened out.

Now, let’s move along, shall we?

A child who is making a heart with their hands and wearing a Disney themed dress.

My values

Curious exploration

Learning, exploring, and connecting new findings with previous knowledge is how I innovate.

Inclusion at the heart

Everything I do is to improve the world
we live in and make it better for more people.

Always be improving

When things take too long or are overly
complicated, I just get the itch.

There is no box

Some people think inside the box.
Some outside it. I’m the third category.

My talent stack

“Wait, talent stack, what is that?” you might ask.

My friend David coined the phrase. In short, a talent stack is the collection of core competences and experiences that set me apart from others.

In each of my case studies below, I will show you how I leveraged my talent stack to succeed in a wide range of UX research, UX design, leadership and innovation endeavours.

Bubbles with words in them, such as "Psychology" and "UX design".

Case studies

My framework

The Pyramid of Design

An infographic called "The pyramid of design".

The Pyramid of design is a framework I invented, to clarify my overall approach to UX and user-centered design, as a user insights psychologist with a background in organizational development and entrepreneurship.

Questions we ask using the pyramid of design, give our design perspective and context, way beyond the walls of our own office. These questions connect our small part with its bigger whole. We give our design meaning.

And the beautiful part? All levels of the pyramid need to be stitched together, as seamlessly as possible, if we want to create magic that lasts.

THAT’S what I’m all about. How about you?

Call me

+46 (0)70 - 11 78 221



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