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About me

I'm a psychologist and lifelong tech nerd who transitioned into the UX field in 2019.


Today, I bring my knowledge about human behavior into tech, with a compassionate, empathic, and inclusive approach.

It all started at the palyground.

I’ve dreamed of being a psychologist since I was 9 years old. To understand humans, and be able to help them form better lives for themselves and each other.

I started out as a psychologist and worked seven years in the public sector as an educational psychologist. In fact, this is in large part an “organizational designer” role. My job was to promote healthy and conductive learning environments for students, by providing training, counseling and consultation to the principals, teachers, and school staff.

After that, I spread my wings and started my own consulting firm. Training and consulting in the areas of organizational psychology, diversity and inclusion, and social working environment conditions, were at the core of my services. I also wrote and published two books during these years.

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Transitioning into UX

Around 2019, I was longing for somewhere to belong again. I missed having colleagues and a professional context other than my home office.


My lifelong nerdy tech interests, paired with my psychology skills, led me into a new area, namely UX research and design. (Which, I soon realized, is about 95% psychology.)

My competence was soon sought after by vocational colleges around Sweden, and I started teaching user psychology, user behavior and research to UX design students. In parallel, I stared working as a consultant for startups in the tech sector in Gothenburg.

In 2022, this journey brought me to Volvo Cars, where I was last working as a UX researcher and scrum master. There, I get to apply a wide range of my skills as a psychologist, including user research, leadership and facilitation, process management, communication, and collaboration with my team and all our stakeholders.

Going forward, I aim to leverage my broad range of competences and skills in psychology, UX research and design, and organizational development to help organizations in complex fields.

Working for an organization with a clear mission towards environmental and social sustainability is high on my wish list, since these values are important to me as a person and as a professional.

Let's talk!

Drop me an email or hop over to my Linkedin - let's schedule a coffee (virtual or physical) and talk all things UX :-) 

Lina Bodestad, a woman with short brown hair, sunglasses and a blue shirt
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