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Game of Chores

Consumer app for improved relationships

Crimson Vale Consulting AB, Gothenburg, Sweden.
My role: Head of UX

Two people have a child. One of them stays home. The other goes to work.

One day, there is a list with household chores on the fridge door.

Two columns with names above them.

An “x” for each chore done.

One thing soon becomes overwhelmingly clear.

Labor is not divided equitably.

This was the origin story of how my husband and I started creating “Game of chores” when we had our daughter.

What I did there:

An chore gaming app to improve relationships

In this passion project I created with my husband, I was the UX researcher and designer, as well as the product owner and overall project coordinator.

In close collaboration with the developer (my husband), I created this app over iterations, test, user interviews and research over the course of 5 years.

In 2021 it was launched to the Apple Appstore and the Google Play store.

A digital user interface for an app.
Designs: Consumer app for gamification of chores


The app was released on App Store and Google Play in early 2021, available to consumers worldwide.


User interviews, user research, personas, use cases, jobs-to-be-done analysis, website layout and design, UX writing, close collaboration with developer.


Figma for wireframing
Miro for collaboration

What I learned there

Creating an app from idea to launch is perhaps the best way to learn it - by doing. Over these years I have practiced and learned my UX research skills, as well as my Figma design capabilities and project management.

Working so close with a developer has also taught me how to articulate my design and explain it from other perspectives, and to collaborate with developers to make designs and ideas come to life.

How I leveraged my talent stack
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